DATA MINING CUP @ prudsys personalization summit 2015

The prudsys personalization summit 2015 in Berlin came to an end on June 30 2015, with more than 200 participants and a guest satisfaction rating of almost 100%. Following the award ceremony of the “Personalization Award 2015” to bonprix, one of the leading fashion retailers in Germany and Europe, the next generation of analysts could hardly wait for the presentation of the DATA MINING CUP 2015. The winners were a team from the Humboldt University, Berlin.

The prudsys personalization summit 2015 in Berlin came to an end on June 30 2015 with a record number of more than 200 participating visitors – in a survey, more than 96% of the visitors said they would recommend the prudsys personalization summit. Yvonne Hohmann, Senior Manager UX Insights at Zalando reported: “This was my first time at the conference, and I was very positively surprised. The quality of the presentations was very high and the subjects were very practical.” The visitors praised above all the relaxed atmosphere at the event. “It was a very informal atmosphere which promoted a sense of confidence conducive for sharing insights and ideas between people. I have never before experienced such a format and such quality at any other conference”, continued Hohmann.

The mix of more than 20 presentations from companies such as Coop, Douglas, and bonprix was received equally positively, as were the professional exchanges with individual customers. The four-person jury made the “Personalization Award 2015” to the fashion retailer bonprix, based in Hamburg.

“I am very pleased at the high level of participation by customers, partners and prospects”, said Jens Scholz, President of prudsys AG; “A particular highlight was the number of students competing for the DATA MINING CUP.” In fact for a brief period these participants changed the relaxed atmosphere to one of positive tension. Especially the eventual winning team from the Humboldt University were very committed and excited in the build-up to the announcement of first place.