Purpose, Participation, Registration, Prizes and more

Conditions for Participation

1. Purpose of the competition

The annual prudsys AG DATA MINING CUP (DMC for short) competition aims to enthuse students from universities at home and abroad for intelligent data analysis (Data Mining) and to challenge them to find the best solution for a data mining problem in competition with others. The focus is on a practical task that was written with partners.

2. Conditions for participation

2.1 Student competition

Domestic and international students are entitled to take part in the DMC competition in teams. Interested parties who are not students may not take part.

2.2 Maximum number of teams

A maximum of two teams are permitted from each educational institution (university, technical university, vocational university etc.). There is no restriction on the size of the team.

Students from each educational institution may be part of one additional mixed team for a few years. Mixed teams are built by students from a maximum of two educational institutions. There is no restriction on the size of mixed teams. Please contact us for the registration of a mixed team.

2.3 Team leader

Each person who registers a team automatically becomes the team leader. Each team leader must be a student enrolled at an educational institution at the time of the competition. It must be possible to clearly assign the team leader to an educational institution. The team leader then sets up the team and is responsible for compliance with the participation conditions. The team leader is obliged to add potential students as members of the team. This applies in particular if the educational institution has already registered two teams. The team leader submits the team’s entry and if awarded a prize receives it on behalf of the team. A person can only act as the team leader for one team.

2.4 Team members

All team members must be registered as students at the educational institution where they start the team at the time of the competition. There is no restriction on the size of the team. A team may consist of just one person (refer to Section 3.3). Individual team members do not need to register separately.

3. Registration

3.1 Form

The students must register for the competition between March 1, 2022 and June 26, 2022 exclusively using the online form provided on this website. A maximum of two teams can register from each educational institution (university, technical university, vocational university). The team leader registers on behalf of the student team. The registration must include the first and last names as well as the contact details of the team leader and the name and faculty of the educational institution.

3.2 Declarations

The registration must also include the following information and declarations:

  • Express declaration by the team leader that they act as the contact for prudsys in the name of, on behalf of and with the express agreement of all team members.
  • The express declaration of the team leader that on behalf of all team members the leader agrees to the application of these participation conditions that can be viewed at online form for the competition and on behalf of all team members the leader accepts the application of these participation conditions as the basis of the team’s participation in the competition.
  • The team leader agrees that their personal data can be collected, saved and used for the purposes of implementing and processing the competition. prudsys AG will not use the data for other purposes.
  • With the team’s registration the team leader declares that all of the statements made therein apply to them as a person.

3.3 Approval

A team is only considered to be approved for participation if the team leader receives a confirmation email from prudsys after registration. This confirmation email gives the team leader the team’s name and ID. prudsys AG reserves the right to subsequently exclude teams from the competition if they are comprised of a single person and this person refuses to accept other team members. If more than two teams per educational institution register the timing of the relevant registration is key to approval.

4. Task and submitting the results

4.1 Task

The task is provided to the team leader at the start of the competition on April 12, 2022.

4.2 Results

The results must be submitted by the team leader stating the team name at the latest by the end of the submission deadline on June 28, 2022 at 3 o’clock p.m. UTC+2, or CEST. Additional information on submission will be provided with the task.

5. Prizes and awarding prizes

5.1 Prizes

As part of the competition prudsys AG will provide the following prizes:

Task 1:
1st place: EUR 2,000.00
2nd place: EUR 1,000.00
3rd place: EUR 500.00

Task 2 (if existing):
non-cash prize for the first team

The prizes are not transferable and are paid exclusively to the team leader. The team leaders receive their prizes on behalf of their team.

5.2 Placings

A jury will decide on the placings for the results submitted as part of the competition and the award of prizes. The jury’s deliberations take place in camera. The prizes will be awarded on July 14, 2022 via online award ceremony. The jurisdiction of the courts is excluded. There is no legally enforceable claim to payment of the prize by prudsys AG.

5.3 Announcement to the best teams

The team leaders who have qualified for the prizes will be informed in good time before the online award ceremony. The team leaders of the best teams are obliged to submit the team list stating the team members who worked on the results and to provide evidence for the student status of all team members including the team leader. Furthermore the team leader is requested to submit information about approach to the task.

6. Copyright/usage rights


The team and team leader make assurances that they are the owner of the rights to the result submitted.


The team and team leader are obliged to present their result or solution model as part of the online award ceremony if the team is awarded a prize as stated in Section 5.


The team and team leader declares its willingness to provide the usage rights to cooperation and jury partners if this is desired.


The teams and team leaders are authorised to use the winning entry for promotional purposes.


The teams and team leaders consent to the usage of any photo or video material they submitted for the award ceremony on the prudsys websites, in social media and for press releases.

7. Non-compliance with the terms of participation

7.1 Exclusion

prudsys AG reserves the right not to approve teams for the competition or exclude them from it if the participation requirements stated in Sections 2 and 3 are not met.

7.2 Repayment of prize

prudsys AG reserves the right to deny prizes later if the participation requirements are not met or if manipulation is attempted or carried out. If already paid, prizes denied must be repaid by the team leader immediately after receiving the relevant request for repayment.

8. Final provisions

8.1 Data storage and cancellation

prudsys AG stores all data and solutions submitted by the participants for ten years.

8.2 Court of jurisdiction

The court of jurisdiction is the headquarters of prudsys AG.

8.3 Law

These participation conditions, the competition and the resulting legal relationships between the team leaders and prudsys AG are subject exclusively to the law of the Federal Republic of Germany.

8.4 Ineffectiveness

The nullity or ineffectiveness of individual provisions in these participation conditions does not affect the validity of the other provisions. The participants are obliged to replace the ineffective provision by an effective one that comes as close as possible to the economic and legal purpose of the ineffective provision. This also applies if there is a gap in these participation conditions.

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