The DATA MINING CUP (DMC) 2022 begins on April 12. This year, the focus is on recurring product purchases in online commerce.

Consumers buy products regularly at certain time intervals. Which products customers buy, and at which given times, is important information for retailers. This insight can help them identify the optimal time to advertise products, capturing attention when a shopper might be looking to make a purchase. For example, a customer may wait longer to buy a favorite perfume than their favorite body lotion.

The DATA MINING CUP has published a real-world data mining task for this scenario. Given a retailer’s fixed product assortment, the participating teams are to determine which products customers buy on a cyclical basis. Students are then challenged to develop a model that predicts these cycles for all relevant products and customer groups.

DMC teams have a total of 11 weeks to submit their solution model. The deadline for submission is June 28. The online awards ceremony will take place on July 14.

Since 2000, the DMC has been inspiring students worldwide with new, complex tasks. Participating teams can use their theoretical knowledge to apply intelligent data analytics to real-world scenarios. For this year’s contest, 53 teams from 38 educational institutions in 16 countries have registered to participate. The deadline for teams to register to participate in DMC 2022 is June 26: