Frequently Asked Questions

The DATA MINING CUP is an international student competition. Since the year 2000 prudsys AG has organized the tournament for student teams. Every year we are confronted with questions around the DATA MINING CUP – most of them should be answered below.

If your question does not get answered, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Please also refer to our conditions for participation. They contain answers to some more questions and clarify certain points of the competition.

No, only students with a valid enrollment certificate can take part.

In this case contact one of the two team leaders; you will find their contact data in the team summary. Each team leader is obliged to include new team members who meet the participation criteria into the team.

Yes, with certain restrictions: From 2019 onwards students from each educational institution may be part of one additional mixed team. Mixed teams are built by students from a maximum of two educational institutions. All institutions must be specified at registration. Registration is only possible via e-mail with the organizer.

No. A team leader can only register and lead one team.

Please check first whether the maximum number of permitted teams per institution has been reached in the team summary . If not, then register a new team online. Only when you receive the separate confirmation email giving you your team ID is your team authorised for participation.

There are no restrictions. There must be at least one person (team leader).

Yes. A team may consist of just one person (team leader). But each team leader is obliged to add potential students as members of the team. This applies in particular if the educational institution has already registered two teams.

No, this is not necessary. Only if the team comes among the teams who win the prize does the team leader have to list the team members before the prize is awarded and provide evidence of the student status for both the leader and the team members.

Yes, you are always allowed to upload a new solution, but only the last solution is accounted for.

No, all models are evaluated after the deadline on June 30, 2020. This is to prevent exploiting the competition by submitting exploratory solutions to improve the score.